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Some of the technology hardware we sell:

  • Desktop Computers
  • Bussiness Workstations
  • Laptops
  • Netbooks
  • Thin Clients
  • Monitors
  • Printer Solutions
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Power Managment
  •  Digital Signage Systems
  • Security Solutions
  • VOIP Systems
  • Network Hardware
  • Servers
  • Network Switchs and Routers
  • ...and much more




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Powerful computing solutions for any industry:


c02713485-24Healthcare - Treated for stability - In the healthcare industry, easy access to the right information can spare you unnecessary headaches. That’s why you need hardware you an absolutely depend on, and that’s why Pinnacle's business technology are engineered to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. Our hardware allows physicians real-time access to electronic records at the point of care, and we even offer washable keyboards and mice.


Education – Lessons in quality - Your students can be tough on technology, and your budget doesn’t allow for frequent repairs and replacements. Invest your confidence in hardware that’s proven to last, semester after semester. Pinnacle's business desktops only use high-quality components and materials to ensure your hardware is the best in class, all while stretching your district’s dollars.


Manufacturing - Constructed for reliability - Your hardware has to withstand a harsh environment—grit, vibration, and extreme temperatures are just the beginning. Pinnacle's business desktops are designed to meet the demands of heavy industry, and they’re comprehensively tested to ensure their reliability in some of the worst conditions. You’ve got enough challenges—why worry about your business technology?



Government - Engineered for success - Information is your most important resource, and it’s imperative that it stays in the right hands. Rely on the steadfast security of Pinnacle's business technology. They keep you up to date and protected from theft, unauthorized access, and the threat of stolen data through comprehensive security measures like physical lockdown and hardware and software security