Most small businesses either can't afford a full-time IT department or don't need one because they have a small network of 20 computers or less. Pinnacle understands this and provides the following IT Outsourcing services. More IT Outsourcing Solutions are available.


  • Help Desk
  • Keeping your Computers Updated
  • Network Support and Management
  • Server Management and VM Consolidation
  • Remote and Mobile IT support
  • Computer and Network Security
  • Workstation hardware repiar
  • Software configuration


Full Time IT Outsourcing

We serve as your complete IT outsourcing solution. This option allows you to focus on your core business without having to worry about the challenges of keeping up with technology. We provide our clients with the services of a fully functional computing environment that manages all of your IT needs. Ultimately, you are ensured consistent management of all business critical systems at affordable costs.

Part-Time IT outsourcing

There is also the option of having a part-time IT department where we will send an IT team to your work place as needed. Some businesses may need our services once a week, while others will need IT support more frequently.

IT Outsourcing Augmentation

This option is a good choice for small businesses that have an IT team which lacks experience. We will send our IT outsourcing expert(s) to your workplace as an extension of your current IT department.