End Of Year Technology Task Checklist for Small Businesses

The end of the year is quickly approaching and whether you realize it or not, December sets the tone for the next year in most if not all businesses. Making the most of this month will ensure you are prepared for 2014.

Backup Your Business Information

You have probably realized that your company information, including financial data, records and even marketing materials, are accumulating quite quickly in number. If the thought of losing all this data sends you into a panic, then this would be a good time to have a backup plan in place. Set up a perpetual backup system that efficiently backs up all your folders, files, documents and external devices, and keep an additional external drive backup set stored offsite.

If you are not sure this has been done or is working correctly please give me a call. This can be checked remotely and it does not matter if you're based in South Carolina-- we can remote service any network just as long is working!

Cleaning up Network Drives

Company network drives often become filled with files that are outdated, unnecessary, or that do not reflect your current workflow. Network services are meant to enable collaboration and make files and information freely available to fellow employees. In truth, they may turn into a place where photos of company holidays from years ago are stored. It is therefore important to plan for a cleanup of all your network drives and notify all users of this. You would need to come up with proper filing procedures that should be followed so users can organize the important files beforehand, and then delete everything that is not useful.

File Management

While file management should be done throughout the year, it is especially crucial before the end of the year. Rename all year-dependent files and folders and update your upcoming holiday schedule. You also need to prepare for the next year by cleaning up any file storage space. Go through your old files and archive or delete the ones you don’t need. This will help you free up space on your server and help you know where your files are. You should also digitize all your paper records and store or archive them appropriately.


New Year with a fresh look. In addition, this would be a good time to look at whether your site is meeting the goals you had for it and address any issues that may be making visitors exit the site dissatisfied. Your Website is your business image online and it needs to look professional and current. This is your potential customer's first impression of your business, so make it a good one.

New Technology Solutions

Having the right technology is one of the key things that small businesses need to get right in order to succeed and be the most streamlined and efficient that they can be. New customers typically don’t want to deal with businesses that are stuck in the technology dark ages. Technology is moving fast and that trend will continue. As a business owner you need to evaluate your current work flow and look into new technologies that can not only save you money, but help you run your business more efficiently.

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Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

Author; Jeremy Collins

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